Everything Know About ACKO Bike Insurance & Reviews 2022

ACKO Bike Insurance: Two-wheelers have always been everyone’s favorite simply because they are not only one of the most convenient but also cost-effective modes of transportation.

However as much as it is fun and games, bike rides are also risky for the most part.

Now, this is where ACKO Bike Insurance comes in. 

To ensure the safety and security of not only your bike but also yourself, ACKO Bike Insurance is essential.

Apart from this, the crucial part is that having Third-party insurance on all two-wheelers is necessary if you wish to drive on roads in India, according to the Motor Vehicles Act. 

Therefore, ACKO Bike Insurance is more or less a necessity for every two-wheeler driver in India.

With ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance, the whole process has now been made simpler than ever!

With their add-on covers, comprehensive scheme, and affordable plans, ACKO Insurance Bike features one of the best insurance policies around the nation today. 

If you are interested in getting ACKO Insurance For Bike and wish to have more information about the same, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will cover all crucial components regarding ACKO Bike Insurance Online including ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal as well as ACKO Bike Insurance Review. 

So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Major Features of Bike Insurance ACKO

1. Cashless Claims

With ACKO Bike Insurance online, you can take advantage of their cashless system of claims at any workshop available near you. 

2. No Paperwork Required 

Bike Insurance ACKO doesn’t require you to go through any paperwork.

Because of this convenient procedure, you won’t have to stay bothered by collecting documents from here and there for your ACKO Insurance for Bike.

3. Cheap Premium

With Bike Insurance ACKO, you also get access to extremely cheap premiums.

So Acko Insurance for Bike doesn’t only cater to all your requirements but fits your budget as well!   

4. Instant Issuance of ACKO Bike Insurance Online Policy 

Your ACKO Insurance Bike policy gets issued as soon as your online procedure is finalized. The process is as quick as ever! 

5. User-Oriented Claim Settlement

The hard-working claims committee at Acko makes sure that all the clients get to enjoy stress-free claims that are essentially user-oriented and deliver maximum convenience.

With ACKO Insurance Bike, you won’t face any kind of issues and even if you do get stuck somewhere, the dedicated team works to resolve them as soon as possible.

6. Hassle-Free Repairs

With Acko Insurance Bike, all your repairs become quick and easy.

All you have to do is reach out to them via phone or simply file your claim online.

After that, you just have to enjoy their quick and hassle-free cashless settlements. 

7. Simple as well as Convenient

We understand the importance of convenience and user-friendliness during your insurance process and so does Acko.

You can simply purchase your ACKO Bike insurance online with maximum convenience. 

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Various Benefits Provided with ACKO Two Wheeler Insurance 

  • Premium: Acko Two Wheeler insurance starts at just Rs 499! 
  • Third-Party Coverage: Provided 
  • Own Damage Coverage: Provided under Comprehensive Acko Bike Insurance Plan
  • Personal Accident Coverage: Provided, and the coverage offered is up to Rs 15 lakh
  • Claim Settlement Ratio, or CSR: For the last fiscal year of 2020-21, 95% of CSR
  • Claim Settlement Procedure: Stress-free, zero hassle, no paperwork, a quick settlement offered for trivial damages, simple, as well as convenient
  • ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal Process: Apart from a quick issuance policy, a quick and digital ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal process is also offered 

Different Types of Acko Bike Insurance Plans 

There are essentially two different kinds of plans offered under Acko Insurance Bike that are as follows: 

  1. Third-Party ACKO Bike Insurance plan
  2. Comprehensive ACKO Bike Insurance plan

Both the above-mentioned plans are formulated to fulfill different requirements of the clients and one can decide on the specific plan that they prefer.

Third-Party Acko Bike Insurance Plan

ACKO’s Third-Party Insurance policy is a basic bike insurance cover that is designed for covering the harm caused by the bike to another third-party vehicle and/or property.

For instance, in case you ended up crashing into someone’s house wall during the accident, the charges incurred by the repair process will be settled through the Third-party ACKO bike insurance policy. 

Besides, having Third-party insurance on all two-wheelers is necessary if you wish to drive on roads in India, according to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Otherwise, you will be required to pay a fine of Rs 2000 or may also face detention. Thus, ACKO’s third-party insurance policy for bikes is a must. 

Comprehensive Acko Bike Insurance Plan

While a third-party Acko bike insurance plan is essential, it is worth mentioning that it is probably not adequate.

This is because the harm inflicted on one’s two-wheeler cannot be ignored.

If an accident, unfortunately, takes place, which results in harm to the properties of both parties, it is highly crucial to have an insurance plan that provides absolute protection.

The comprehensive ACKO bike insurance policy can help you with just that!

Besides third-party casualties, this specific plan is also going to offer coverage for Own Damage that puts up with bike robbery, accidental casualty, tragedies, fire, or any other that may adversely affect your vehicle.

It is not demanded by law, however, it is always a good idea to decide on the comprehensive ACKO bike insurance policy to ensure its adequate protection.

What’s all Included in ACKO Insurance for Bike

Accidental Damage

Accidents are never anticipated by anyone. One may not be in the position to stop accidents from taking place however what they can do is remain covered.

With ACKO Insurance Bike as your 24*7 companion, you are going to stay covered for any harm caused to your two-wheeler because of the accident.


A vehicle, whether it is a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, is a valued possession of every individual.

And losing your vehicle to theft is like a nightmare come true.

This is where ACKO Bike Insurance comes to your rescue.

With ACKO Insurance Bike, your vehicle’s insured amount will be compensated to you in case it is stolen.

Damage due to Fire

ACKO Bike Insurance also provides coverage for any harm inflicted on your two-wheeler because of any eruption, lightning, or maybe even self-ignition.

Bike Owner Coverage

The demise or disability of the vehicle owner is also covered under ACKO Bike Insurance. 

Damage because of Natural or Man-made calamities 

ACKO Insurance for Bike also helps you deal with the undesirable harms inflicted on your two-wheeler because of any natural or man-made calamities such as riots, storms, earthquakes, or others.

Third-party loss

Any kind of third-party damages such as wounds or in the worst cases, loss of life, or harm to someone’s property is all covered in ACKO Bike Insurance. 

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What’s not Included in ACKO Insurance for Bike

Non-accidental Damage

ACKO Insurance for Bike does not provide financial insurance for harms that are caused because of any kind of non-accidental occurrences such as failures, breakdowns, vehicle’s regular wear, and tear, or deductibles.

The insurance cover also omits the consequential losses that occur out of vehicle accidents. 

Unlawful Riding

In case you were riding your two-wheeler with the consumption of alcohol or/and any other unlawful substance or did not have legal papers such as a credible driving license, you will not be covered within your ACKO Insurance for Bike.

Damage to Certain Parts of the Bike

Any kinds of defects caused to the bike’s tires, tube, or engine unless because of a mishap are not going to be included in the policy.

Outer Geographical Boundaries

ACKO Bike Insurance is also not going to cover any losses inflicted in any other location outside India.

Inactive ACKO Bike Insurance Policy

If your ACKO Bike Insurance policy has expired or is inactive due to any reasons during the accident, the company will not offer cover for the penalties.

Supplement your ACKO Bike Insurance Plan with Custom Add-on Covers

One can never predict the occurrence of vehicle accidents!

And the worst part is that tragic incidents like these can attract undesirable financial difficulties. 

While ACKO bike insurance policy plans offer coverage for such kinds of accidental losses, many times a standard cover is not truly enough for cushioning the blow.

And in such cases, even the comprehensive insurance plan is likely to seem less for covering certain financial losses.

Now, this is where the availability of an add-on cover under the ACKO Bike Insurance policy comes into the picture.

These add-on covers in your bike insurance plan are going to act as extra protection for enhancing your monetary coverage.

Hence, you will be prepared to face any uncertainty.

The following are different add-on covers offered by ACKO under their bike insurance plans: 

Zero Depreciation

As time passes, the value of a two-wheeler reduces because of regular wear and tear caused by daily use.

Due to this, insurers reduce a depreciation penalty on the entire claim money at the time of claim settlement.

Zero depreciation add-on cover, which is provided with ACKO’s comprehensive insurance plan, avoids this reduction.

And thus you will be able to get maximum coverage. 

Roadside Assistance

This add-on cover proves to be truly beneficial in case you have been stuck anywhere on the road because of a breakdown, empty petrol tank, flat tire, or dead battery.

This cover will act like your true companion that will help you deal with such kinds of on-road emergencies.

Engine Protect

ACKO realizes the significance of a proper engine that functions well.

With the Engine Protect add-on cover, you will be covered in case there is any harm to the two-wheeler engine.

Consumable Cover

This specific add-on cover offers consumable coverage for the following elements : 

  • engine oil, 
  • grease, 
  • lubricants, 
  • radiator coolant, 
  • oil filters, 
  • nuts, 
  • bolts, 
  • gearbox oil, 
  • AC gas oil, 
  • washers, as well as
  • power steering oil

No Claim Bonus, or NCB

This add-on cover ensures that you stay eligible for ACKO Bike insurance even after filing the maximum limit of two claims in a year.

How can I Claim ACKO Bike Insurance? 

With the user-friendly approach followed at ACKO General Insurance Limited, the claim process has been made highly convenient, stress-free, as well as seamless.

All you have to do is follow some easy steps. 

ACKO Bike Insurance Claim Settlement Process

Just follow these steps and you’re done!

The entire procedure for the claim settlement process at ACKO General Insurance is performed online.

The following is the complete claim procedure for ACKO bike insurance:

  • In case there is an accident, you will have to file your ACKO bike insurance claim by reaching out to the company at 1860 – 266 – 2256. You can either drive your bike to the closest garage available near you or get in touch with a tow service.
  • After your claim has been successfully registered, an ACKO surveyor is going to be appointed to you within just a few hours.
  • After this, you will have to submit suitable KYC information such as RC, Aadhar Card, PAN card, DL, copy of your ACKO bank insurance policy, Claim data Form,  as well as repair estimate.
  • Once the assigned ACKO surveyor has evaluated the damaged bike and KYC, he is either going to accept or reject your claim. The repairs are going to start only after approval.
  • After the repair process has finished, an analysis will be done and your two-wheeler will be delivered to your address as soon as possible.

ACKO Bike Insurance Instant Claim Settlement 

ACKO also offers an instant settlement of your bike insurance claims in just a few simple steps. 

If you wish to get an instant claim settlement on your ACKO bike insurance, the process is as follows: 

  • The first step of your instant claim settlement is to click and upload the photograph. Click a photograph of the damaged two-wheeler and upload it on ACKO’s official website or mobile application.
  • After analyzing the harm caused, ACKO is going to transfer the approximate cost of bike repairs immediately to your provided bank account.
  • That’s it! ACKO bike insurance has made claim settlements for you as quick and easy as ever. 

ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal Process 

The entire ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal process can be easily achieved online, and as of now, there is no method available for you to renew your Acko Bike Insurance policy offline.

If you are looking for an ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal, simply follow all the steps provided below: 

  • All you have to do is visit the official web page of ACKO General Insurance Limited by clicking on the provided link.
  • After that, head to the ACKO Bike Insurance tab. 
  • Here, you will have to provide your bike number and the Acko website’s search engine is automatically going to determine your ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal status as well as the premium payment. 
  • Now, you will need to answer a few more questions regarding your bike. Once you are done answering them, just complete the provided payment and your ACKO Bike Insurance Renewal will be executed instantly! 

Final words ACKO Bike Insurance Review

After taking into account all the factors, our ultimate ACKO Bike Insurance review is that ACKO is one of the most dedicated as well as for user-oriented insurance companies.

It is one of the rare insurance providers in the country today which provides its insurance services only via online mode. 

With ACKO Bike Insurance, one can enjoy full access to any workshop around the country and the best part is that the process is entirely cashless!

With a decent CSR of 95% (as per the data of the fiscal year 2020-2021), ACKO bike insurance is one of the most popular as well as trusted choices across the nation. If you wish to get ACKO Insurance for Bike, click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I file a claim in case I bring my two-wheeler to any non-network bike repair workshop?

Yes, you will be able to file an insurance claim even if you bring your bike to any non-network bike repair workshop.

In such cases, you will first be required to pay for the repair fee and then ask for compensation from the company by providing all invoice statements.

ACKO General Insurance is then going to compensate for your bike repair expense after subtracting deductibles according to the ACKO Bike insurance policy. 

Is there any maximum number of insurance claims that one can raise?

No, a credible Bike Insurance claim can be filed indefinite times. Nonetheless, this is hardly the case in the majority of situations.

Thus, it is advised that you avoid filing an insurance claim for trivial losses for enjoying No Claim Bonus, or NCB discount benefits. 

What are some unfair practices of insurance claims?

Some unfair practices of insurance claims include filing dishonest claims, overstating damages, not obeying traffic rules at the time of the accident, sharing false information, and so on. 

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