How Can Apply Vizzve Loan App Onine 2022?

Vizzve Loan App: In today’s world it is really hard for any individual to make it through the day or through the last few ending days of the month.

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a situation where we are in short of a little money.

We are here today to introduce you guys to an app called Vizzve Loan App.

Using Vizzve Loan App you can avail for personal loan, student loan and business loans.

Here we are going to discuss about certain topics regarding Vizzve Loan App

  1. How to apply for a loan on Vizzve Loan App.
  2. Types of loans.
  3. Interest rates.
  4. The required criteria of the individual.
  5. Documents required.
  6. Vizzve Loan App review points from the customer side.
  7. Support and helpline details.

Vizzve is an online platform which is crafted in India and they provide loans as well as mini loans instantly.

They also have other loan facilities such as student loans and business loans which we will talk about further down this article. 

How to apply for a loan

Here we will be explain on how can you apply for a loan through the Vizzve Loan App. Please follow these steps to apply for the loan.

  • First you have to download and install the Vizzve Loan App from the Google Play Store.
  • After installing, open the app and register with your mobile number.
  • Fill in all the details in the application form to proceed with the application to apply for the loan.
  • Submit all the documentation proof of the above mentioned information’s such as ID card, Education Certificates etc.

After completing all the above mentioned steps, the application process would be completed instantly and the money would be credited to your account.

You can reach the directly to these steps by just searching in Google Vizzve Loan Instant Personal Loan Apply Online.

The types of loan available in Vizzve Loan app are Personal Loan, Student Loan and Business loan.

The steps to apply for these are the same as mentioned above.

However the student loan is another very crucial loan for these days generation as most of them really want to go out for higher education and this requires a good amount of money depending on the country.

Vizzve offers good and instant student loans with minimum documentation and processing fees with very moderate interest rates.

You may reach the particular site just by searching in Google about Vizzve Instant Students Loan.

The interest rates as we mentioned earlier is relatively less and quite affordable to most salaried personnel.

Vizzve Loan App Interest Rates are as follows:

When you apply for a loan from Vizzve, they charge you an interest rate up to 25.55% per annum.

The amount that you can easily avail from Vizzve Loan App is from Rs.500/- to Rs.10,000/- .

The loan tenure from Vizzve is the same as most loan apps which provides you from 90 days to 365 days to repay the loan amount.

In order to take the loan from Vizzve Loan App, you must meet these 3 simple requirements:

  • The person who is applying should be an Indian Citizen, therefore making it very clear that you have to be an Indian to apply in this app.
  • Individuals who apply must be the age between 18 – 60 years old.
  • The person who applies for the loan should compulsory has a source of income.

The next thing we are going to talk about is the documents required for you to apply for the loan.

Just like all other loan app’s and banks, the documents required for Vizzve Loan App are very similar.

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You would be required to submit these documents details along with their proof. The documents are as follows:

  • An ID proof of your choice but should be a government authorized ID such as Passport, License, Aadhar Card etc.
  • You would also need to provide your address proof either place of residence or owned property.
  • A selfie is also required to identify the person who applies for the loan.
  • Finally, you must also provide your Aadhar card number to complete the entire process.

After all this is said and done, many of you would still have doubts and questions regarding a lot about Vizzve app and their loans.

So for the answer to your questions and doubts, I would be pointing out some customer review both good and bad about the Vizzve Loan App.

This way you guys would have a clearing image about Vizzve Loan App Review.

The people who had rated 5 stars mentioned a lot of interesting and good reviews about the app as it helped them at the time of their need.

Here are a few points mentioned by them:

  • Very quick and easy process to complete to apply for a loan.
  • The amount was credited within minutes after the application was approved.
  • One of the best apps to rely on in the case of emergency.
  • The customer service was excellent and was so helpful that a few customers mentioned the executive’s names on the comments.
  • It will not take more than 10 minutes for the customers to get their loan approved.

Vizzve app also has certain features which make the customers feel like they’re looked after.

Very simple things like calling you and reminding you of the due date and amount 3 days in prior itself is one key feature that makes you feel comfortable knowing that even if you forget, they will take care of it.

Automatic payment methods are also one of their amazing features will takes of the tension of repaying before the due date.

Some of the customers that rated 3 or less stars mentioned that the application process took more than 2 days and in certain cases the app was a bit slow and had glitches.

Even though the Vizzve Loan App Customer Care Number is currently unavailable, they’re online support through mail and the app has been excellent.  

You can email us on 

Final Words

We could conclude by saying that Vizzve is an amazing app that offers a help to those really in need for money whether it is a student or a salaried individual.

Vizzve offers loan instantly and easily without any difficulties by providing easy application forms and approval procedures.

The money is transferred to the account within minutes of the approval and this would really help people in very difficult and tight situations.

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