Everything Know About TVS Insurance & Reviews 2022

TVS Insurance: TVS, as a motor company, has never failed to disappoint its customers.

With a yearly income of more than 20 crores, TVS is currently the third-largest manufacturing business of two-wheelers in the country.

This number is only one piece of evidence of the brilliant success of the company.

TVS insurance, however, has recently been gaining a lot of popularity.

This is primarily because of the transparency, effectiveness, and reliability of the company that a large number of people trust TVS without a hitch. 

TVS insurance is a remarkable product introduced by the company that protects your expenses against any mishap or losses that may occur for anyone.

Getting a TVS insurance also becomes highly important because of the 1988’s Motor Vehicles Act of India. 

If you wish to dig up some more information about Aditya Birla TVS Insurance, you are just at the right place.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on various aspects of TVS insurance including TVS Insurance Renewal, benefits, different policies, customer support, and much more.

Let’s get started!

About Aditya Birla TVS Insurance

Aditya Birla TVS Insurance is a unique financial product that offers remarkable insurance solutions.

The company aims to cater to the different needs of different people so that no one is left disappointed.

Although the majority of insurance providers in the country today simply guide you during the insurance plan purchase, TVS insurance does things a little differently. 

The company offers 24*7 customer support for all your concerns and queries and helps you throughout the process.

As a policyholder, you are promised to get rid of all the hassle that your regular insurance policies usually bring.

From TVS Jupiter Insurance to much more, there is a range of different models available for your TVS insurance. 

With a range of exciting benefits, Aditya Birla TVS insurance is the primary choice for a lot of people today.

Benefits of choosing Aditya Birla TVS Insurance

There are various benefits of choosing Aditya Birla TVS Insurance. Let’s have a look at some: 

  1. Issuance of the TVS Insurance policy in an instant
  2. A large number of available models including the popular TVS Jupiter Insurance
  3. Affordable price rates
  4. Trusted by millions of customers 
  5. Cashless claims 
  6. 24*7 TVS Insurance Customer Support 
  7. Cashless and easy repairs
  8. Easy and quick TVS Insurance Login

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TVS Insurance for Two-Wheelers

As per the Motor Tariff Act of India, all two-wheeler drivers must have an active third-party insurance policy on their vehicle.

So if you wish to ride your bike on your country’s public roads, this insurance plan is legally binding on you. 

Getting a TVS insurance plan for your two-wheeler will provide you with great coverage against any kind of expenses that may occur due to some sort of mishap or road accident.

In case you get caught by the police for riding a two-wheeler without a valid third-party insurance plan on your vehicle, you may be charged a penalty of Rs. 2000 or/and even imprisonment.

Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

The following are the three different kinds of TVS bike insurance policies: 

Comprehensive Insurance Plan

Includes both own damages as well as third-party liabilities  

Third-Party Bike Insurance Plan

A standard insurance policy that is legally binding to all Indians. Includes protection against third-party liabilities due to a mishap. 

Standalone Own Damage Insurance Plan

Includes only own damage cover

TVS Insurance for Four-Wheelers

There are two different types of four-wheeler policies offered by TVS insurance. These include: 

  • Third-party Car Insurance Policy
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Additional covers (Add-on covers) available with the car insurance policy

Add-on covers on your base four-wheeler TVS insurance plan will provide you with additional protection as well as extra benefits.

You will need to pay a certain extra fee if you wish to have an add-on cover expanded. They are optional. 

The following are the most popular add-on covers that you should certainly consider purchasing along with your TVS four-wheeler insurance policy: 

  1. Zero Depreciation add-on cover
  2. Electrical or non-electrical extra
  3. Personal Accident Insurance     

There are also a couple of more add-on covers available on your TVS four-wheeler insurance policy.

These include Roadside Assistance as well as Invoice cover.  

  • What’s included in TVS Insurance

TVS insurance for your vehicle will provide you with coverage against expenses under the following circumstances: 

  1. Accidents
  2. Theft 
  3. Fire 
  4. Natural Disasters 
  5. Personal Accident
  6. Third-party Losses
  • What’s not included in TVS Insurance

You should also be aware of all the situations where you won’t be covered by your TVS insurance plan.

In these cases, your claim will immediately be rejected. 

TVS insurance for your vehicle will NOT provide you with coverage against expenses under the following circumstances: 

  1. Own Damage caused to a Third-Party Policyholder
  2. Riding the vehicle without a valid driving license
  3. Driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance 
  4. Consequential damages caused to the vehicle
  5. Contributory Negligence 
  6. Add-on covers not purchased
  7. Expired TVS insurance policy

TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Policy Download

For TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Policy Download, you will need to purchase a suitable insurance plan from the official website of TVS Insurance.

The following are all the steps to do so: 

  1. First and foremost, you will need to head to the official website of TVS insurance. You can get there by simply clicking on this link
  2. After reaching there, you must enter the registration number of your two-wheeler or four-wheeler in the Get Quote area. Make sure that you only use alphabets or/and numerical to submit your registration number. 
  3. After that, you will need to provide other personal details so that you are offered only the best insurance quotes.
  4. Next, select the best TVS insurance policy based on your specific needs as well as budgets. 
  5. Once you have found the most appropriate TVS Aditya Birla Insurance policy for yourself, make the necessary payment for the same. As soon as you are done with that, you will receive a TVS insurance policy on the email ID that you provided. 

And you’re done! You have now completed your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Policy Download. 

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TVS insurance Cashless Claims

When any mishap takes place such as an accident, fire, theft, or a natural disaster, the TVS insurance cashless claim procedure is the best choice available to the policyholders.

For reaping the benefits of the same, you must notify TVS almost instantly and inform all the details about the mishap to them correctly.

Take your vehicle to any network garage near you and get it repeated.

Through the cashless claims of TVS, you won’t need to make any kind of payment on your repair as the company will do it for you. 

There is a range of benefits that you get as a policyholder at TVS insurance.

With the cashless forum process of the insurance policy, you will be covered for any extra expenses that may have emerged because of the mishap.

Claims at TVS Insurance are not only cashless but also convenient. The whole process gets completed before you know it.

A surveyor is going to be appointed by TVS to look into your case and check all the damages caused.

Once you have gained approval from this surveyor, the repair process of the vehicle is going to begin.

All the garages listed by the company are only the best ones available across the nation.

TVS never intends to compromise on the quality of its service. 

TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal 

It is easy to get your TVS Insurance Renewal in online mode which makes the whole process much simpler, faster, as well as more convenient.

When getting your TVS Insurance Renewal, you will realize how you didn’t have to go through any hassle of visiting the office, paying in cash, and submitting tons of documents.

The policyholders at TVS Insurance will need to get their TVS Insurance Renewal annually if they wish to continue to enjoy the insurance services and benefits. 

If you wish to get your TVS Insurance Renewal online, you will first need to head to the official website of TVS insurance.

Submit your prevailing TVS policy number and pay the required TVS Insurance Renewal amount through net banking, debit card, or credit card.

In case you wish to make any sort of changes, you must do so before you make the payment for your TVS Insurance Renewal. 

Once you have successfully finalized your payment, your insurance plan is going to be generated as well as printed online.

This will also include your Certificate of TVS insurance. 

Documents required for TVS Insurance Renewal 

The best part of getting your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal is that there is almost no hassle.

This is because the company already retains the necessary details of your vehicle and any claim record.

They will also have your NCB data available. Therefore, you won’t need to submit any kind of documents for your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal. 

For a four-wheeler insurance plan as well, all you have to do is submit basic details such as the model number of your vehicle, the RTO registration number, as well as any former expiration details of the policy. 

TVS Insurance Customer Care Number

If you wish to reach out to the company, you will need the TVS Insurance Customer Care Number. 

You can either make a phone call at +91 9791097911 which is the official TVS Insurance Customer Care Number.

Alternatively, you can also just click on this link and request a phone call from TVS.

The company will call you from their TVS Insurance Customer Care Number within 5 minutes, which is however subject to limitations. 

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Aditya Birla TVS Insurance is one of its kind. The best insurance services offered by the company are the sole reason why the company has gained so much success in a short time.

TVS Insurance login is easy, renewal is quick, and claims are instant and cashless.

With such amazing features, we don’t see any reason why you should not choose TVS Insurance. 

If you are looking to insure your two-wheeler or four-wheeler with TVS insurance and protect it against any mishap expenses, wait no longer and complete your TVS Insurance login or registration right now.

TVS Insurance FAQs

Is a TVS Insurance online policy relevant?

Yes, of course. A TVS Insurance online plan is 100%  credible and applicable. You will also be able to get your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal through your debit card, credit card, as well as net banking.

However, in case of expired TVS insurance policies, policyholders will need to reach out to the company physically and get their TVS Insurance Renewal. 

How can you receive assistance related to the TVS insurance plan? 

To receive any kind of assistance related to your TVS insurance, you can reach out to the given TVS Insurance Customer Care Number. Make a call at +91 9791097911 or request a phone call through the official website. Alternatively, you can also mail them to insure@tvs.in

Which TVS insurance plan is better, a single year or a long-term plan?

In our opinion, one must always go for a long-term TVS insurance policy. This will ensure that you are offered maximum convenience as well as a hassle-free process.

You will be able to save on plenty of bucks and get rid of the hassle of monthly or annual TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal. Moreover, you will need not go through the agitating paperwork procedures. You will stay successfully insured for a long period. 

How long does the TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal process take? 

TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal process is barely going to take 5 minutes of your time. 

Which add-on covers should you get for your TVS bike insurance?

Some popular, as well as beneficial add-on covers for the TVS two-wheeler insurance, are the zero depreciation cover, NCB cover (No Claim Bonus cover), as well as consumable cover. You may simply choose whatever suits your needs the best. 

What are different kinds of TVS Jupiter Insurance policies offered? 

When purchasing your TVS Jupiter Insurance, you will also have different plans to pick from. The following are the three TVS Jupiter Insurance plans that will be made available to you.

Is the zero depreciation add-on cover truly beneficial for your TVS two-wheeler? 

Yes, it truly is. The add-on cover named zero depreciation will help the policyholders to get their claim amount efficiently without any kind of default reduction of devaluation or depreciation of the vehicle after a mishap like a road accident, fire, or natural disaster.

It will help you get a greater amount of claims on your TVS insurance by simply spending a little extra fee for expanding this cover to the base plan. 

Is there any time limit for raising an insurance claim for your vehicle after a calamity?

Policyholders at TVS insurance will only be able to raise the insurance claim for liabilities or losses incurred by the bike within a week of the mishap.

However, this period may also keep varying based on different plans. So make sure to check out the complete information about your insurance plan before you purchase it. 

Can you get your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal after the policy has passed the expiration date? 

Yes, you will be able to get your TVS Aditya Birla Insurance Renewal even beyond the expiration date of your policy.

However, you must complete the process within the given grace period. This period is generally between 30-90 days. Make sure to confirm the same based on your respective insurance plan.

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