How can apply Lend Mall Loan App online 2022?

Lend Mall Loan is an NBFC certified personal loan app platform for salaried individuals.

This app helps to get a loan instantly with just 3 steps and not more then just 15 minutes or less, and the cash is transferred immediately to the bank account.

The app has a complete online support 24/7. In this article we are introducing you to the following things:

  1. How to apply for a loan through Lend Mall Loan app.
  2. Benefits of using Lend Mall Loan app.
  3. Eligibility.
  4. Documentation.
  5. Interest Rates.
  6. Reviews about Lend Mall Loan app.
  7. Support and helpline facilities.

How to apply for a Lend Mall Loan?

The first you have to do is download the Lend Mall Loan app from Google playstore, you can click this link to go to the download page .

After you have completed the installation of the app, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the app after installation
  • On the registration page, register with your mobile number.
  • On the homepage, you would be able to see an option that says personal loan. Click on that.
  • Fill in your details such as name, address, DOB, etc.
  • Upload the proof of your documents in the app.
  • Once you have completed this process and if everything document you have submitted is in order, you application will be approved instantly and the money will also be credited to your account within a few minutes.

The benefits of using Lend Mall app are many. Here I would like to explain a few.

  • Using the Lend Mall app, the loan process is so simply that it is only 3 simple steps to your loan.( You can instantly get a loan in Lend Mall by going to Lend Mall Instant Personal Loan Apply Online or typing this in Google would do as well).
  • Once clarified with your documents, the loans are approved instantly and transferred to your account.
  • The entire process of applying for a loan is 100% completely online which you can do at the comfort of your home. It also saves you the hassle of going to a bank for days just to get your loan approved.
  • The Lend Mall app provides you with the lowest interest rates compared to any other normal bank rates.
  • You have the option of instant disbursement of your loan.
  • Even if your credit score is low, this app can provide you loans without any problems or difficulties.


The eligibility for applying for a home loan in Lend Mall App is just 3 basic criteria:

  • You have to be an Indian Citizen. (Meaning only Indian citizens can apply for a loan on this app.)
  • The individuals who apply for a loan must fall under the age category of 18- -56 years old.
  • People who apply for the loan should also be able to provide proof of their monthly source of income.

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The documentations required for Lend Mall app are as follows:

  • A selfie photo of the individual who is applying for the loan.
  • The address proof of the person in the above photo.
  • Any ID proof of the above mentioned individual.
  • Aadhar card / aadhar card number (you can take a loan using your Aadhar card from Lend Mall Aadhar Card Loan Apply Online In India).
  • You are also required to provide your PAN Card details.

Interest Rates

Now let us talk about the Lend Mall Loan App Interest Rates and processing fees. 

The rates that Lend Mall App charges you the individual who applies for a loan is a maximum of 0.07% – 25.55% per annum.

The Processing fees of Lend Mall App can vary from Rs.91/- to 2000/-.

The tenure Lend Mall App provides the customers is from 91 days to 120 days to repay the loan amount.


Now we shall discuss about the Lend Mall Loan App Reviews from the customers.

Just like how opinions are different, reviews are also always different.

Even sometimes bad reviews can also be due to the problem from the customers end like say the customer has a bad or outdated phone or his/her phone network or internet signal is not that great.

These factors play a very important role in any applications performance for that matter.

Now let us see what the customer’s has to say.

I will not be quoting exactly what the customers comments are, rather I would telling them as insight points and what their problems or benefits from the app was.

The customers who had rated the app 5 stars on Google play had these things to say:

  • A wonderful app to avail loans instantly and hassle free.
  • Loans are provided within a few minutes to of the applications approval.
  • The money is credited to the account instantly after the approval.
  • The app automatically increases the limit after every time to time repayment.
  • Reasonable interest rates and processing fees.
  • Quick disbursement and low processes.

The other customers who had rated 3 stars had to say this:

  • Slow repayment issues but the loan amount was credited instantly.
  • Small lags and glitches in the app and takes time sometimes to open and loan the page. (This could be the problem of the customers network like mentioned above)

Support and helpline facilities

You can reach up to us by contacting the Lend Mall Loan App Customer Care Number which is +918002694366/ +917478114954 or you can reach us on our customer care helpdesk at


I truly think Lend Mall app has really good and interesting benefits that only a very few app’s or bank provide.

When you really need money instantly at some really important or crucial stage of your life, I think Lend Mall App can provide you with the right type of help financially.

Even though there are a few bad reviews about the Lend Mall App, I strongly believe that those problems are mostly because of the customer’s phone or network issues.

A lot of people have enjoyed and are happy with the service provided by Lend Mall app and I believe that it can help you as well.

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