How to check Share Price of Any Listed Company?

Check share price: No one can deny that inflation is rising rapidly and sources of income are still limited. It is quite difficult to survive in this era as the basic needs are very expensive.

There are a lot of ways to tackle this inflation and trading is one of the best methods to generate returns on your savings. By investing in good shares you can get upto 30% returns every year and it varies from company to company.

If you are a trader, or thinking about it, then we are going to provide you with a complete guide regarding trading and how to check share price of any company.

What is trading?

Trading refers to buying or selling the stocks/shares of companies listed in the stock exchanges. The main purpose of trading is to generate returns on the savings by buying and selling shares. 

There are more than four thousand companies of various sectors including Auto, Information Technologies, Chemicals, Media, Telecom, Metals, PSU, Energy, Pharma, Finance, Banking, etc listed on Bombay Stock exchange and National stock exchange.

You can buy the shares of these companies and when the company grows, your investment will also grow. Once you get good returns, you can sell the shares and book your profit.

Before buying or selling a stock it is quite essential to know about the stock, companies, fundamentals and strengths. Let’s have a look at the ways to check share price.

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How to check share price?

As we told you that it is important to check share price before buying, checking resistance levels and support levels is also important.

The methods we are going to check share price will provide you with complete information about that share. 

1. Google 

Yes, Google is one of the best ways to check share price of any company.

For that you have to type the name of the company and add “share price” after that and click on search.

If the company is listed on any stock exchange, the price will be displayed on the search page.

Additionally, Google will provide you some essential data related to that stock including its day high and day low, market capital, dividend yield, 52 week high and 52 week low.

You can find some related articles, reports, news, and videos related to that company on Google.

The biggest advantage of checking share price on Google is that you can check share price of foreign companies also including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla etc.

In this way you can check the share price of any company on Google.

You can create a watchlist of and add multiple shares for continuous monitoring of the share price.

2. Money control

Money control is a famous financial and business website that provides a huge amount of data regarding shares.

Not only share price but its other details such as company annual/quarterly results, expert advice, PE ratio, day high, day low, day range, 52 week high, 52 week low, book value, dividends, company meetings, etc.

If you want to check share price of any company, simply visit the money control and search for the company through its home page.

After that we will be redirected to the details page where you can check share price, volumes, strengths, weakness, technicals, historic and intraday chart, financials, share holding pattern, resistance, supports, moving averages of any stock.

Money control also provides some guide articles where they show the growth, results, reports of the company.

If you want to check share price then you can use the money control portal, and in case you want all other details, you can purchase moneycontrol pro.

Similarly, you can use Economic times, Business line, Market watch, Edelweiss, etc to check share price of companies.

3. Stock Broker

If you are a trader then you will be having a Demat account but if you just want to check share price for educational purposes, you can use Google or money control.

A demat account is also known as a trading account with which you can buy or sell shares.

There are a number of stockbrokers in the market that offer Demat accounts at least charges.

If you have a Demat account you can easily check the share price of any listed company.

Additionally, you can subscribe to IPO and OFS for better returns.

Not only share price but you can also check the market depth, market capital, SWOT analysis, news, recommendations, alerts and a lot about any share.

With a Demat account, you can easily check share price by searching the name in the search bar.

You can set price alerts and buy or sell the share. If you want to monitor the prices of multiple stocks then you can create a watchlist of any sector. 

IIFL Securities, Zerodha, Sharekhan, Prabhudas Lilladher, Upstox, Angel broking, Groww are some popular and reliable stockbrokers where you can open your Demat account.

In this way, you can check share price of any company by using your stock broker application.

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How to buy or sell the shares?

Buying or selling shares is an easy process and with simple steps, you can buy or sell any share.

Before buying or selling you should refer to expert advice and research about that share.

Make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals and technicals of that company.

To buy or sell any share, follow the given steps.

  1. First of all, open the broker application and log into your Demat account using your client ID and password.
  2. Now search for the name of the share you want to buy or sell.
  3. Check share price, and if it is appropriate for buying or selling, then proceed with the next steps or you can for the price to be at the correct stage. You can set price alerts for a better experience.
  4. If the price of the stock is perfect for buying or selling then click on the buy option and enter the quantity.
  5. You can trigger any custom price and use the stop loss option for minimal loss.
  6. Select whether you want to buy the shares intraday or delivery.
  7. Lastly, click on place order and wait for a while 

After placing an order, the instructions will be sent to your broker for the triggered price and quantity.

The order will be sent to the exchange automatically and once it is executed, you will receive proper notification.

Then the shares will be reflected in your portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

1. On which factors, the share price depends?

The share price of any company depends upon the fundamentals, technicals, reports, market capital, progress, order book, etc of any company.

2. What do stockbrokers charge for checking share price?

To check the share price of any company, you will not be charged. It is completely free, but for selling or buying stockbrokers charge a brokerage amount.

3. What are the hidden charges that are applied on buying or selling the shares?

Exchange transaction charges, CGST, Brokerage, Stamp duty charges, SEBI turnover fees, clearing charges, security transaction tax are some charges that are applied on buying or selling.

4. Which stock broker is best?

There are a lot of stockbrokers available but some popular and reliable are IIFL securities, Zerodha, Sharekhan, Prabhudas Lilladher, Upstox, Angel broking, etc.

5. What is the best way to check share price?

Ans – The best way to check share price of any company or group of companies is to create a watchlist on the Google app, it is a free way to monitor the prices.


Google and money control are the best ways to check share price of any company.

For premium reports and suggestions, you can purchase the money control pro.

In case you have a Demat account, you only need to search for the price in the search bar and you can easily check share price. 

These were the best methods to check share price of any company.

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