How to apply Dhani One Freedom Card 2022 & Review?

How to apply Dhani One Freedom Card 2022 & Review: Initially, when Dhani App was launched, it was advertised as a convenient and quick way to get loans.

You could avail instant loans for personal use, buying a car or house, medical emergency, or accomplishing life goals.

Over time, this app started providing services like Dhani Super Saver, Dhani Health and Dhani One Freedom Card

Dhani One Freedom Card is the most beneficial, cutting you a 5% discount on every transaction.

This is a credit line card that you can access through Dhani app to get loans at 0% interest.

This might be the reason it is called a “Freedom” card. It gives you freedom from interests.

Through this card, you can avail treatment anywhere with easy EMI.

You can ask for a loan of up to Rs. 5 lakh without having to pay interest for 24 months.

There is no income proof required for this, which makes it available to everyone if they can verify KYC documents. 

Dhani One Freedom Card works like a credit card that you can use both online and offline.

It takes care of your interest rates and health worries.

Owning this card will give you unlimited access to doctors 24 hours every day.

There are no hidden charges tied to this card, but you have to pay a fixed nominal fee of Rs. 200 every month.

This card can be a great help for emergency purposes as you instantly get the money. 

Dhani One Freedom Card How To Use? 

Dhani is an app-based service provider that helps you with different money transactions.

You get your own wallet to store money in the app, you can recharge and pay bills, transfer money, book tickets for travelling, and have access to doctors 24*7. 

The app also provides you with a Dhani Pay Rupay Card attached to the Dhani wallet.

This Rupay card can be used anywhere to access you are stored money in Dhani app.

You can add money to your wallet or use the cashback that you have earned from the earlier transactions.

But you can use the Rupay card only to pay with the money you have in the app wallet. 

To sum up, Dhani One Freedom Card how to use, you get a certain credit limit.

You can use this money any way you like, but you have to repay it in installments within 3 months.

However, there is a catch to this system. The app does not allow you to use your whole limit in one day.

You can only spend a part of the money each day. You can also check a complete guide related Navi instant personal loan.

Dhani Freedom Card Benefits

Only the users who have this Rupay card get access to Dhani One Freedom Card. This card is very similar to a credit card.

Just like you have a credit limit on credit cards, you get a credit line up to Rs. 1 lakh in Dhani One Freedom Card. 

The advantage of this card is that whatever limit you get you can use it without adding to the wallet.

You are basically getting this money from Dhani as a loan without any interest.

They give you 3 months to pay back the money spent in installments. 

If you activate Dhani One Freedom Card, you can consult doctors specialised in different fields.

You can easily book appointments and take health care advice from them through video calls from the comfort of your home.

Another benefit of this card is when you order medicines using it, you get up to 40% discount.

Not only that, the medicines you order will be delivered to your door steps within just 1 hour. 

After becoming an user of Dhani One Freedom Card, they give you access to Dhani Pay Rupay card.

You can use this both online and offline to purchase anything.

Every online shop that gives you the option to pay with Debit/Credit card will accept the Rupay card.

For using it offline, the place must have card swiping machines, to swipe the card for payment. With every transaction you make, they give you a certain amount of cashback. 

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Dhani One Freedom Card Login

There are a few steps to avail the Dhani One Freedom Card

  1. Download the Dhani app from Google Play Store
  2. Open the app and sign up with your phone number
  3. When you reach the Home Page, you will see the banner of One Freedom Card. Click on the “Active Now” button. 
  4. They will ask you to fill personal details to check whether eligible for the card. 
  5. The app checks your eligibility and tells you how much Credit Line you can get. 
  6. Click on “Avail Now.”
  7. Fill your bank account details. 
  8. Your One Freedom card is now ready to be activated. 
  9. The last step is to pay a small fee. As soon as you pay the charge, they will activate your card. 

Dhani One Freedom Card Monthly Charges

Dhani One Freedom Card Monthly charges depends on your credit limit.

The processing fee starts at Rs. 200 which you have to pay every month whether or not you are using the card.

If you get more money, you have to pay higher charges. But there will be 0% interest on the loan you take. 

Dhani One Freedom Card Customer Care Number

The customer care number is +91-7878679955, available Monday-Sunday (9 AM – 9:30 AM).

You can also email them at for further assistance. 

Anyone who does not like online shopping, can apply for a physical card.

It will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

They ask for only Rs. 60 for delivery charge.

You can use this card everywhere to pay within your credit limit. 

Unlike the traditional debit cards, the card number and expiry date online mentioned in the front face of the card. They will be written on the backside.

The CVV is not printed on the card due to security reasons.

You can check the CVV on the digital card in Dhani app. 

Dhani One Freedom Card is a great option to borrow money in case of emergencies.

Traditional banks take a lot of time to process loans and charge high interest rates.

With One Freedom Card you get easy access to loans up to Rs. 1 lakh on 0% interest.

The number of rewards and cashback make up for the monthly charges.

You are not paying anything extra to enjoy the services. This is a great initiative.

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