Everything to know about Digit Insurance 2022

Digit Insurance: In today’s world almost everything is done digitally, even small things like paying your electricity bills, gas bills, water bills or as simple as recharging your phone.

Just like that, Insurance companies have also started giving their insurance through online. Even major companies like Bajaj, HDFC, Go Digit Insurance and many more are doing digit insurance.

The first ever company to be a fully online insurance platform was Acko.

This is a basic idea for question of what is digit insurance

Now we are going to talk about a company called Go Digit General Insurance Ltd.

This company just like the others offers a variety of Digit insurance policies.

Go Digit Insurance offers a wide variety of insurances such as Motor Vehicle Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Property Insurance and Flight-delay Insurance.

You have the option in the site to check for the price details of your required insurance plans by just typing in some simple information.

Let me explain in detail about their insurance plans and policies.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Motor vehicle insurance as we all know is basically the insurance for your personal vehicles such as Car, Bike etc.

Digit Insurance provides the best insurance policies with huge benefits and at the lowest rates possible.

The company also has 4600+ authorized garages. So when it comes to the claims of the serviced vehicles, you would not have any troubles of any kind. The policy covers the following cases:

  • Accidents of any kind.
  • Theft (when your vehicle gets stolen.
  • Fire (if your vehicle catches on fire)
  • Natural Disasters such as floods, landslides etc.
  • Personal Accident is when you get in to an accident while your driving.
  • Third-Party losses (insurance for the vehicle/person you have damaged when you have met with an accident).

The Add-on covers provided by Digit Insurance are as follows:

  • Zero depreciation cover helps you clear out any depreciation that comes with age of the car.
  • Full claim covers
  • Co-passenger covers helps you get insurance coverage for the passenger sitting with you while an accident happens.
  • The company also add-on covers such as Tyre Protect Cover, Breakdown assistance and engine plus gear-box protection covers.
  • Health Insurance

The health insurance provided by the company is extremely good.

The process for applying for the health insurance is very simple and online.

Digit Insurance assures you additional sum in-case the amount insured was not enough for the treatment.

One Key thing to be noted is that Digit Insurance covers pandemics like Covid-19 in their health insurance policies so that you need not get a separate one for it.

There are no room rent restrictions on the policies and you also get a bonus if you stay healthy (when you have not claimed insurance that year).

You can also get treated at any hospital in India for cashless payment or opt for a reimbursement.

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not known or taken by many people.

Travel insurance basically covers any damages that happen to you while you travel to any location through any means of transport such flights, trains or buses.

The company provides both national & international travels. The key features of Go Digit Insurance are:

  • Zero payment (where you don’t have to make payment when you are making the claim, the company takes care of it).
  • When you go for a vacation, your adventure activities such as Scuba Diving, bungee jumping & sky diving is also covered.
  • All the processes are online and very simple.
  • The company provides missed call services where the customer only has to give a missed call to the provided number and an agent will contact the customer within 10 minutes.
  • Our travel insurance has a worldwide support and has tie-ups with almost 216 countries.
  • Property Insurance

Property insurance covers any damages that happen to your own property or business properties such as land, house, hotels, shops etc.

The best part about Digit property insurance is that they provide a value for money policy which gets you the claim for you property which was damaged and the things present in it as well.

The entire process for applying is very digital friendly with zero tensions or hassles.

Our policies cover almost every business categories from family business to a multi-brand business.

These policies are great for business owner regardless how big or small the business is. We also offer policies for business that are on rental properties.

Flight Delay

We know how inconvenient and disturbing it can be when your flights delayed, well we are glad to tell you that we have an insurance cover for that as well.

When you opt for a Flight Delay insurance policy, the benefits that you get are the best possible things such as:

  • Free food service 
  • Do a little bit of shopping on our behalf, maybe tick off some items from your wish list.
  • Go to a book store and buy any book you like, don’t worry it’s on us!!
  • Along with the food served, have a wonderful dessert.
  • When you travel the next time to a destination in a cab, keep the money in your wallet, we got you covered.

How Can Download Go Digit Insurance Policy to your mobile phone is very simple.

Once you take a policy from us and complete the procedures, we will send the original copy of the policy to your registered e-mail ID and mobile number as well as send you the original to your address.

How to be a Digit Insurance agent

If you like to work with us, we are more than to welcome you to our family.

We will be explaining to you on How Can Become Go Digit Insurance Agent

  1. Go to the Go Digit Insurance website.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page were you will see a category as become an agent under Agent & Partnerships.
  3. Click on the Become An Agent link and it will take you to the next page.
  4. Fill in your details and submit the form.
  5. Once your profile is verified and accepted by our Team, you will receive a call from our executives regarding further details.

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Customer Reviews

The Digit Insurance Reviews from our customers are so good that we encourage you to go ahead and read them completely.

We have helped so many people in all over India by making life a bit easier.

Our Travel insurance has been taken by a lot of people and they have commented on how good they have been treated by our customer support and officials that they never regretted taking it.

Final Words

We have gone through a lot of companies that provide Digital Insurance and we are glad to say that Go Digit Insurance is one of the best companies that provide low cost, No hidden charges, Super simple claim insurance policies.

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