Everything Know About Digit Car Insurance and Review 2022

When you buy a new car, you don’t only buy it but also have an emotional attachment with it. You care for it as like if it is one of your family members.

Therefore, Digit Car Insurance helps to protect your car against any damage that may occur in future.

The Go Digit General Insurance company offers the Digit Car Insurance plan for four-wheelers. 

In this hectic and fast-moving life where time is more valuable than money, one may find themselves in a position where they may not find time to go to an insurance office for taking an insurance or for claiming it.

Therefore, digit car insurance brings these facilities to your fingertips.

You can sit in your comfort zone and purchase Digit Car Insurance as per your requirement by comparing the prices of all the insurances by the help of premium calculator.

Claiming it is easier and even more speedy, as they come with quick claim settlement by which the company can directly inspect through the help of a smart phone.

Moreover, they also provide doorstep car pick up and repair services at their network garage.  Go Digit Car Insurance bring all these facilities to you through a simple and hassle-free process.

They offer a wide range of insurances namely, Car Insurance, Bike Insurance, Home Insurance, Mobile Insurance, and Bicycle Insurance and Travel Insurance.

In this article we would give you Go Digit Car Insurance review.

Go Digit Car Insurance

Go Digit Car Insurance was developed and founded in the year 2016 with it headquarter in Bengaluru, India.

GO Digit car Insurance provides Digit Car Insurance policies for four-wheelers.

In 2019, Asia’s General Insurance Company of the Year was awarded to the insurer for its substantial reach in the market.

As per the company’s report, 72.4% of the claims settled by Go Digit are settled within 15 days.

The insurer offers third party and comprehensive plans of car insurance.

With GO Digit car insurance, you can insure your car for as low as Rs 2072.

Company’s main goal is to simplify the process of car insurance policies from the moment you buy them until you file a claim.

The basic advantage of taking Go Digit Car Insurance is that it provides you a wide range of insurance policies at a higher insured declared value which means that it will cover your car’s damage at a lower premium comparing to other insurance companies and thus meeting your requirements.

It covers both comprehensive package as well as third party insurance. 

Salient Features of Go Digit Car Insurance

Some of the important features of go digit car insurance are:

  1. It makes claims easier and faster. It will take only a couple of minutes to raise a claim and the company will do self-inspection by which you have to shoot your vehicle’s damages.
  1.  It also provides additional services like daily conveyance, breakdown assistance etc. with 6 months warranty on repair. Thus, making your life easier and simpler.  The entire process is customer friendly and supportive.
  1. It has no hidden clauses and documents are available in simple language.

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Digit car insurance review 

Several weeks ago, I purchased Digit car insurance for my car. It was easy to get this policy from their website.

It took me less than five minutes to complete the whole process online. Getting in touch with my insurance company was simple.

I was able to renew my policy online in a matter of minutes and without any hassle. I highly recommend the digit car insurance.

Go digit car insurance review

The industry’s fastest-growing car insurance provider is Go Digit Insurance.

We’re constantly working to simplify and ease the whole process of getting and maintaining insurance (from buying to filing claims).

Aside from providing policy issuance, claim settlement, and instant quotes, Go digit insurance works hard to ensure that its customers are satisfied.

Furthermore, even the simplest of queries were answered by their staff, enabling me to purchase insurance for my car.

It was easy to ask questions, and I even obtained car insurance via my query.

In order to purchase my car insurance policy, I went through Go Digit.

Go digit car insurance renewal (online and offline)

When you renew your digital bike insurance policy, you can handle it faster and more affordably.

You just have to enter some details on the website of a digital insurer in order to receive a quote.

If you are satisfied with its features, the policy can be purchased within minutes.

Online step

  • The First step, enter the vehicle’s make, model, variation, registration date, and city (where applicant resides). Click on ‘Get Quote’ and select the plan that best suits the applicant.
  • The second step is to decide whether to purchase a third-party liability only package or a standard package.
  • The third step should be to submit the details of previous insurance policies, including the date of expiry, claims made during the past year, and any no claim bonus received.
  • The fourth step the user is taken to another page that displays the new premiums in addition to the options to add on, set the IDV, and confirm whether or not the vehicle has CNG. On the following page, the final premium will be displayed.

Offline step   

In addition to renewal online, the insurer offers offline renewals by visiting one of its offices.

To renew car insurance, the person needs to make sure they bring all the appropriate paperwork with them when they visit the insurer’s office.

Final words

Buying four-wheeler insurance online is completely risk-free. Digital car insurance can be purchased online safely.

For car insurance, Go Digit stands out for offering comprehensive coverage and third-party coverage at a higher insurance declared value (IDV).

In addition to these services, Go Digit Car Insurance provides assistance with daily conveyance, breakdowns etc.

Getting an affordable, convenient, and quick car insurance policy is easier with Digit car Insurance.

Online comparisons allow customers to choose the most affordable policy.

It is easy to renew insurance policies, and policy documents can be amended as needed. Less paperwork is involved.

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