Everything Know About ACKO Car Insurance & Reviews 2022

ACKO car insurance: The ACKO General Insurance company is a relatively new insurance provider that was established in the country in 2016.

It has an entirely online-led company model and sells some remarkable insurance products to a large number of people regularly.

The cutting-edge modern technology with amazing benefits is one of the key elements of ACKO general insurance. 

The company has established a name for itself in the list of top insurance providers in India just within a few years of being in the industry.

One of the most popular and demanding products offered by the company is ACKO Car insurance.

Its growing customer base is proof that the company has been tremendously successful in launching its car insurance. 

If you wish to dig up some more information about ACKO Insurance Car, make sure to read this post till the end.

Below, we have talked about various aspects of ACKO Insurance Car including ACKO Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio, its claim process, renewal process, and everything else that you need to know.

We will also talk about ACKO Car Insurance Reviews towards the end of the article which will give you a better reference. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

ACKO Car Insurance 

The ACKO General Insurance company understands the importance of a simple as well as an effective car insurance policy that insures your vehicle in the best possible way.

Whether there occurs any accident, theft, natural or man-made calamities, fire, or third-party damage, car insurance protects you and your car against all of it. 

There are two different kinds of car insurance offered by the company that safeguards your vehicle against different kinds of damages or losses.

These include the Comprehensive car insurance and Third-Party ACKO car insurance.

The best part is that both of these are available for all customers at very reasonable premium prices. 

Apart from this, the company also offers Personal Accident Coverage of up to INR 15 lakh in case of the accident results in the death of the person or any kind of permanent disability.

You will also be able to personalize your car insurance plan with the help of numerous add-on covers that the company offers.

These provide extra coverage on your base plan when you purchase or renew your ACKO insurance policy. However, there’s an extra cost for each one of them. 

Apart from offering different insurance policies with multiple add-on covers, there are many more benefits of choosing car insurance that we will talk about later in this article. 

Major Features: ACKO Care Insurance Online

  • Provides Coverage
  • Third-Party Damage: Up to INR 7.5 Lakh
  • Personal Accident Coverage: Up to INR 15 Lakh
  • ACKO Insurance Car Own Damage Coverage: Offered for damage and loss
  • 6 different Add-on Covers are available 
  • Car Insurance Customer Care: Available 24/7 
  • ACKO Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio: 95%*

ACKO Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio 

Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio is one of the most crucial aspects that you must keep in mind while choosing this company for your car insurance.

It is the ratio of total claims that were settled by ACKO General Insurance against the aggregate claims that the company received.

It is worth noting that the Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio for the fiscal year 2020-2021 stands at 95%. 

This particular ACKO Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio implies that out of every hundred claims that the company received that year, a total of 95 claims were easily settled by them. 

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Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance Online

The following are numerous benefits of choosing Car insurance: 

  1. Pricing plays a crucial role when choosing any policy. The reasonable rates of premium for ACKO Car insurance is one of the best things offered by the company. 
  2. The company offers the facility of doorstep as well as paperless claims. This makes the claim settlement procedure highly convenient and hassle-free. ACKO will also handle picking up and dropping off of your vehicle. 
  3. The company also offers various discounts. 
  4. ACKO insurance Renewal process is simple and does not require you to submit any documents. 
  5. Minor damages are settled by the company just within a couple of hours. 

Different Kinds of Car Insurance Online

Each client comes with different preferences and requirements when purchasing a car insurance policy.

Thus, to be able to cater to different needs, ACKO provides you with two different car insurance policies: Comprehensive ACKO insurance and Third-party ACKO Car insurance. You can choose whatever suits your needs the best. 

Let’s take a quick look at both these ACKO insurance car plans: 

Comprehensive ACKO Car’s Insurance

A comprehensive ACKO insurance plan provides you with coverage against any kind of harm caused to your vehicle, third-party vehicle or property, driver of the insured vehicle, fire, collision, theft, sabotage, as well as any natural or man-made disasters.

This type of plan often has a higher price rate than the third-party ACKO car insurance policy as it provides better coverage.

It is certainly going to leave you with much greater peace of mind. 

Third-Party Car Insurance

This one is a rather basic type of ACKO Insurance plan.

It comes with a relatively lower price rate as you get lesser coverage with Third-party ACKO Car Insurance plans.

It will cover any damages caused only to the third party or/and their property that is damaged. 

Note: It is worth mentioning that having a Third-party Insurance policy has been mandatory by the government under The Indian Motor Vehicles Act of 1988.

Add-on covers with ACKO Car Insurance Online 

With Car Insurance, you get a variety of add-on covers that you can use for enhancing your plan. These are as follows: 

  • Consumable Cover
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Zero Depreciation
  • Engine Protection Cover
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Invoice Protection Cover

Inclusions and Exclusions

It is crucial to understand what all is included and what all is excluded in the ACKO Insurance. Let’s have a look: 

Is Covered: 

  • Accident as well as any harm caused during the accident.
  • Fire – This involves any kind of harm caused to the four-wheeler in cases of lightning, self-ignition, as well as explosion.
  • Theft – If the vehicle gets stolen.
  • Calamities – Includes both natural as well as man-made disasters such as earthquakes, floods, riots, among others.
  • Third-Party Damage – Covers any harm caused to any third party involved or third-party property.
  • Cover for Car Owner – Provides coverage for the car of the insured as well as the insured person himself.

Is NOT Covered: 

  • Unlawful Driving – You are not going to be covered under your ACKO Car insurance if you were rash-driving, driving in the absence of a credible license, or driving after consumption of any illegal substances.
  • Non-Accidental Harm to the car – This comprises any kind of natural wear & tear of the four-wheeler, failures, breakdowns, consequential harms, liabilities as well as deductibles.
  • Car Tyres, Car Engine, or Tubes- Any kind of natural damage caused to the Car Tyres, Car Engine, or Tubes will not be covered in your ACKO Car Insurance unless they were harmed during an accident.
  • Damage during the time of war or any similar circumstances
  • Damage if the ACKO Car Insurance was already expired

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Claim Settlement Procedure for ACKO Car Insurance

The process for ACKO car insurance claim settlement is entirely performed online. The following is a list of all the steps involved: 

1) Reach out to the company 

The first step toward ACKO car insurance claim settlement is reaching out to the company as soon as the tragedy takes place.

This means that in case there was any harm caused to you, the car, or third-party damage caused because of a fire, accident, natural calamity, or theft.

In all such cases, you must go on to file the claim by simply heading to the official website of ACKO or by making a phone call at 1860-266-2256.

Keep in mind that you submit all necessary details rightfully such as your vehicle’s number, description of the incident, and so on.

2) Lodge an FIR

In case your vehicle had been stolen or there was any third-party damage caused, you must immediately lodge an FIR at any police station near you.

You will also be required to submit the xerox of your FIR while providing other necessary documents to ACKO. 

3) Explaining the procedure

Once the claim has been filed, the company is going to thoroughly explain to you or guide you through the procedure of claim settlement.

It will also inform you of any documents that are required. The company offers you the facility to pick your vehicle up within an hour. 

4) Hassle-free procedure 

After your vehicle has been properly repaired and all the legal paperwork or other formalities have been successfully finalized, the amount of the claim will be deposited in your account or in case there was any third-party damage involved, the amount will be paid out to them.

If the company picks up the four-wheeler after repair, it will reach you in 2-3 working days.

Nonetheless, the time duration depends on how much damage has been caused to your car.

In case ACKO does not deliver your vehicle within 3 days, the company will offer you some complimentary cab vouchers as a mode of your transport.

Mandatory Documents for ACKO Car Insurance claim settlement process 

Before you go on to file your ACKO Car Insurance claim, keep in mind to have the below-mentioned list of documents ready with you: 

  • Xerox of your ACKO Car Insurance insurance policy
  • Xerox of your car’s registration certificate 
  • FIR of Police report 
  • Xerox of your valid driving license
  • Car repair bill (original), cash receipts.

Reasons for Rejection of your ACKO Car Insurance Claim 

  • Inappropriate details

The claim filed by you may have been rejected by ACKO General Insurance if you did not submit appropriate or correct information to the company while purchasing the insurance. 

  • Careless driving

In case the accident took place because of your carelessness such as rash driving, driving in the absence of a relevant driving license, or driving under the influence of alcohol, you will not be able to get your ACKO Car Insurance claim.  

  • Getting the car repaired without notifying the insurer

In case you had your car repaired and did not inform the company about the casualty, the company is not going to offer you any kind of claim settlement later. 

  • Illegal usage

The ACKO General Insurance company will also reject your claim in case your vehicle was being used in any kind of illegal activity. 

  • An Expired ACKO Car Insurance Online policy

In case your ACKO Car Insurance policy expired and you did not get an ACKO Car Insurance renewal, your policy becomes invalid and you will be wiped out of any coverage benefits. 

  • Service Center

Head to the nearest service center of the company for your ACKO Car Insurance claim settlement or any kind of queries. 

ACKO Car Insurance Renewal Process 

The process of ACKO Car Insurance Renewal is one of the simplest ones.

The primary reason to get your ACKO Car Insurance Renewal is to keep your four-wheeler rightfully insured against any kind of unanticipated liabilities.

The company provides its customers with an instant ACKO Car Insurance Renewal process.

The best part about ACKO Car Insurance Renewal is that it needs no paperwork!

Below, we have mentioned the complete procedure to get your ACKO Car Insurance Renewal online as well as offline. 

  • Online ACKO Car Insurance Renewal Process 

To get your ACKO Car Insurance Renewal through an online medium, follow the below-mentioned steps carefully: 

Step 1: Head to the official ACKO General Insurance website and submit the registration number of your four-wheeler. Tap on the option of ‘View Prices’ to continue.

Step 2: You will now be brought to another page displaying information about your ACKO Car Insurance policy. Take a look if you wish to make any changes to your prevailing policy such as the addition or removal of the add-on covers. Tap on the option of ‘Renew’ to proceed.

Step 3: Next, you will need to pay the applicable fee for your ACKO Car Insurance renewal. You can make the payment through your debit card, credit card, or Net Banking. The company will then send you a confirmation mail for your ACKO Car Insurance renewal on the registered email address.

  • Offline ACKO Car Insurance Renewal Process

To get your ACKO Car Insurance Renewal offline, all you have to do is make a phone call to ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care at 1860-266-2256.

You will need to provide the policy number of your ACKO Car Insurance as well as the date of its expiration.

You will have the option to make the ACKO Car Insurance Renewal payment through your debit card, credit card, or cheque. 

Benefits of ACKO Car Insurance Renewal

The following are some benefits of getting your ACKO Car Insurance Renewal: 

  • Claim settlement within hours in case of any minor damages like a cracked window or damaged side or rearview mirror.
  • Pickup of the car to be repaired within an hour. (In selected cities) 
  • Drop off of your repaired four-wheeler within 2-3 business days.
  • Only some basic documents are required during the claim settlement procedure. 

ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care

One of the best things about having your ACKO Car insurance Online is that you get access to their instant and effective ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care. 

In case of any queries, you can visit the Help & Support tab on the ACKO Car Insurance website. 

Alternatively, you can reach out to ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care as well. Here’s how to do so: 

  1. To reach ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care through the mail, email your concern to hello@acko.com
  1. To reach ACKO Car Insurance Customer Care by phone, simply make a call to the toll-free number, 1800 266 2256. 

ACKO Car Insurance Reviews

ACKO Car Insurance Reviews are proof that a large number of people have from time to time loved buying this car insurance by ACKO.

Among the few insurance companies in India, this company offers all the insurance services just through online mode. 

Now coming back to ACKO Car Insurance Reviews, the ACKO Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio has a great role to play in this.

The prevailing ACKO Car Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio is 95% for Own Damage Cover under ACKO Insurance Car.

Moreover, the claim settlement procedure is very quick; in case of minor damages, claims are settled many times within a couple of hours only.

All in all, ACKO Car Insurance Online is a feature-rich product. And it is for all the right reasons that a large number of users have always provided only positive ACKO Car Insurance Reviews.


That was everything you needed to know about ACKO Car Insurance.

The company among its many products offers an incredible policy of car insurance and it is no wonder that a lot of people are often found talking about it.

If you wish to get your ACKO Car Insurance, all you have to do is head to their official website and apply for the same. Or simply make a phone call at 1800 266 2256. 

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